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ICBR- Intelligent Content Based Retrieval

Managing and re-using large scale video archives

The Problem

TV and film producers already use large amounts of pre-existing media in new productions. As more and more media becomes available and production schedules and budgets shrink, their need to handle it efficiently is growing rapidly. Can we re-use valuable large scale wildlife video archives by retrieving relevant material in real-time and exploiting them in the creation of new programmes?

The Research;

  • To develop tools to create an intelligent multimedia management server.
  • To automatically segment, summarise and index rushes.
  • To classify specific types of species, their motion and behaviour.
  • To develop individual animal recognition tools using biometrics.
  • To retrieve the best shots from archive, matching researchers' and editors’ specific requirements.
  • To analyse scenes invariant of their composition, camera angle or lighting conditions.
  • To generate tools for fast and intuitive navigation and browsing through terabytes of digital video.

The Achievements

  • Algorithms for gait analysis, animal tracking and identification have been developed so producers can search through archived footage for a particular animal.
  • A taxonomy for wildlife video production.
  • A system for individual penguin identification, implemented at Robben Island, South Africa.
  • Semantic searching using a classification structure.
  • Searching by a given image or shot example.
  • Biometric recognition of species and their behaviour.
  • Segmentation, region and motion analysis.
  • The creation of a large-scale centralised multimedia server.


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