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Motion Ripper

Capturing the Essence of Motion

The Problem

Animation is a complex and highly skilled part of the production pipeline in any new animated film.  Can the costs associated with animation production be significantly reduced ? Is there a low cost alternative to motion capture for the independent animator ? Can technological solutions provide animators with more time to concentrate on the creative aspects of the process ?

The Research

  • To extract motion data from video
  • To provide a stream of novel data that is visually correct.
  • To apply captured motion signals to animation.

The Achievements

  • Motion Ripper technology, allowing motion data to be extracted from video footage and reapplied to drive character motion in computer graphics.
  • Auto regressive synthesis technology which can create realistic and non-repetitive animation.
  • Motion Ripper technology means that the costly and complex process of motion capture filming is greatly reduced. The cost of dedicated filming can be significantly reduced, and there is no need for sensors and costumes.  
  • Motion Ripper technology could be integrated into software packages aimed at film and games animators, adding value to the animation market.
  • No Easy Way, a computer generated 3D animation, was created by the Motion Ripper team, Granada and professional animators. It was nominated for an award at Imagina 2005, the foremost event for interactive content creation professionals in Europe.
  • The Motion Ripper team and Red Vision used multi-camera capture techniques and auto regressive synthesis technology to produce swarming ants for a BBC wildlife production.


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