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Spectrum Efficient and Robust Wireless Connectivity

OSIRIS - Open Infotainment Services In Radio Interconnected Systems.

OSIRIS addresses the spectrum efficient and robust wireless delivery of broadband multimedia services, in particular for home network distribution.

The Problem

With the goal of providing wireless communications anywhere and anytime, future systems must provide highly mobile, highly portable and reconfigurable solutions. They will also be required to deliver high bandwidth media-rich applications, as well as outperforming current wireless techniques. Key to the success of these systems will be the management of end-to-end quality of service along with spectrum efficient and robust wireless delivery mechanisms.

The Research

  • Wireless delivery mechanisms with an assured Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Real-time demonstration of high performance broadband wireless delivery employing Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) techniques.
  • Demonstration of Intelligent ad-hoc (infrastructure-less) networking, with performance enhancement through co-operative and distributed relaying.

The Achievements

  • MIMO enabled real-time wireless modem demonstrator with IP connectivity.
  • Evaluation of Enhanced MIMO Signal Processing Techniques.
  • Advanced understanding of ad-hoc networks employing co-operative relaying for efficient wireless service delivery.


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