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ViewNet Police Fusing mobile, vision and location technologies to create context-enhanced networked services to improve the effectiveness and cooperation between emergency services.


Clever Pylon Integrating generation, distribution and retailing of gas and electricity with energy management systems and understanding user behaviour and energy consumption.


Visualise PDA Providing an enhanced experience for spectators at large-scale events through local area access to a rich range of media, via mobile devices.

Intelligent Content Based Retrieval (ICBR)

ICBR Lion The creation of a suite of tools to re-use valuable large-scale video archives by retrieving relevant material in real-time and exploiting it to create new programmes.

Motion Ripper

Motion Ripper Elephant Enabling motion data to be extracted from video and reapplied to drive character motion in computer graphics and creating realistic and non-repetitive animations.

Open Infotainment Services in Radio Interconnected Systems (OSIRIS)

OSIRIS image Efficient, robust wireless delivery of broadband multimedia services for home network distribution using MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) techniques.

Rendering on Demand (RoD)

ROD Temple Combining high-fidelity rendering software and visual perception techniques to render high quality images in real time.


ROAM4G image The development of new approaches to the robust delivery of video services to wireless devices in a mobile environment.

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